The German Battery Act

More background information

2021 | Amendment BattG2

1st January 2021: The German BattG has been amended and came into force.

An overview of the most important changes:

  • stiftung ear will be the new approved "common point" for manufacturers and will in future be responsible for issuing or revoking manufacturer registrations as well as approvals of the portable battery take-back systems. There will be transitional periods for existing registrations of battery manufacturers until the end of 2021.
  • The Joint Take-Back System (GRS), which is based on solidarity, is abolished. In the future, there will only be privately operated take-back systems (the current manufacturer-owned take-back systems, HRS), which will compete with each other.
  • The collecion rate für portable batteries will be raised from 45% to 50%.
  • The method of calculation for the collection rate will be slightly adjusted. Lead-acid batteries may only be included in the calculation to a limited extent.
  • Clearly more organisations may operate as collection points for portable batteries. These now include e.g. public institutions such as authorities, schools or universities but further more all companies under private companies regardless their size.
  • The pickup of old portable batteries is defined more precisely, among them the weight limit for the full notification of collection containers and the deadline for collection by a take-back system after full notification.
  • Foreign manufacturers without a seat in Germany can voluntarily appoint an authorized representative, who is established in Germany. This person then represents the manufacturer tio the common point and the other market participants regarding the Battery Act and is also liable for all legal obligations of the represented manufacturer.
  • Manufacturers of vehicle or industrial batteries shall maintain financial and organizational resources in future to ensure the collection and recycling of their batteries. Details are still being clarified.

2001 | Enactment BattG

1st December 2001: The BattG has come into force in Germany.