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Packing and Packaging Waste Directive and Packaging Act – Did you know that? 

In many european countries, the Packing and Packaging Directive requires manufacturers, distributors or importers of packaging or packaged products to contribute to the cost of waste disposal (responsibility for product or responsibility for taking back and disposing of packaging). For this purpose, recognised “dual systems” have been set up, which award the necessary licences. In Germany the new Packaging Law came into force in 2019 and the so called Central Agency Packaging Register („Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister“/LUCID) monitor the market with the help of a register where companies have to sign up before they start selling products with packaging.

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Please note that a guarantee is only required for types of equipment that could be used in private households. We advise you to calculate generously in order to avoid fees for adjustments to the guarantee.Expected volume until 31 Dec. 2024 (in kg)Planned quantity in 2025 (in kg)
Temperature exchange equipment (Refrigerators, oil-filled radiators, dehumidifiers etc.*)
Screens and monitors (equipment to display images and equipment with display surface > 100 qcm*)
Gas discharge lamps (Fluorescent lamps and energy-saving bulbs*)
Other lamps, except gas discharge lamps (LED retrofits*)
Large equipment (equipment with external dimension > 50 cm*)
Large Photovoltaic modules (PV-modules with external dimension > 50 cm*)
Small equipment (equipment with external dimension ≤ 50 cm*)
Small Photovoltaic modules (PV-modules with external dimension ≤ 50 cm*)
Small ITC equipment (ITC equipment with external dimension ≤ 50 cm*)
*Source: website stiftung ear
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